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姓名 Hairoo
所属团体 地球联邦提坦斯测试部队








The transformable mobile armor ORX-005 Gaplant, developed for high-altitude interception, has performance surpassing that of second-generation mobile suits. Although this machine was developed before the category of third-generation mobile suits (transformable mobile suits) was established, its performance is sufficient to qualify as a third-generation mobile suit. This machine is a Gaplant further enhanced with the addition of support parts. Rather than being a fighter-class mobile weapon, its performance gives it tactical-class fighting strength, like the mobile armor MA-08 Big Zam of the One Year War or the RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" of the Delaz Conflict. Thus it is categorized as an "area dominance mobile armor" whose absolute fighting strength allows it to dominate the battlefield in space, in the air, or on the ground. This high-class machine can demonstrate its maximum potential under any conditions. The new support units developed for the Gaplant TR-5 are based on data obtained from the FF-X29A G-Parts [Hrududu]. Instead of the shield boosters previously used by the Titans Test Team, its arms are equipped with the same movable shield binders as a normal Gaplant. Extra boosters are also installed on its shoulders and around its waist, giving it higher mobility and offensive power in both mobile suit and mobile armor forms. Since this equipment is designed so as not to affect the Gaplant's characteristic transformation functions, it can still transform while the support units are attached.

Hrairoo: The transformable mobile armor that serves as the core of the TR-5 [Fiver]. Without its atmospheric escape and reentry parts, the Fiver becomes the Hrairoo, a custom machine based on the transformable mobile armor Gaplant and then upgraded and improved by the Confeito technical headquarters. The Titans Test Team pilots previously referred to this form using the TR-5's original Fiver nickname, or called it the "Fiver Gundam" due to the blade antennas attached to its head unit. At the request of the mechanics, main pilot Lieutenant Wes Murphy christened it Hrairoo in order to clearly distinguish between the Fiver and the form without the atmospheric escape and reentry parts.

Support Units: There are two types of shoulder units. The shoulder claw unit on the right serves as both a supplemental thruster and a hardpoint for carrying weapons, while the shoulder thruster unit on the left also contains a generator. The extra skirt units contain attitude control verniers and supplemental thrusters, and the front units are also equipped with spread beam guns. The multi arm unit is a multipurpose device attached to the back of the machine, which plays a similar role to the sub arm unit of the RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom]. The long blade rifle is a long-range sniper beam rifle made up of a long blade barrel and a stabilizer unit attached to a beam pistol.

The Hrairoo's shoulder units can be attached to the Hrududu in place of its original wing units, creating the support machine Hrududu II. Like the Hrududu's claw wing unit, the shoulder claw unit contains a beam emitter which can be connected to the barrel of the long blade rifle, while the shoulder thruster unit contains a generator similar to those used in other TR series machines. A drum frame is attached to each shoulder unit, providing an attachment point for additional multi arm units or even MRX-009 Psyco Gundam arms. The spread beam guns installed in the front skirt armor resemble the diffuse beam guns used in the enhanced shield booster, and their placement is similar to those of the RX-110 Gabthley. Small manipulators can also be attached to rails on the underside of the front armor. The side armor can carry energy pack holders, and the beam sabers stored in the side armor function as beam guns in mobile armor form. The multi arm unit on the machine's rear skirt armor is more compact than the Hazel Custom's sub arm unit, but it can't be used at the same time as the mobile suit's own arms. Its manipulator can hold equipment such as a shield or shield booster, a Primrose mega particle cannon, or a long blade rifle, and in mobile armor form it is used to hold the long blade rifle in place. A winch mechanism installed in the base of the arm also allows it to function as a winch unit. Two shield boosters can be attached to the beam pistol or long blade rifle via a special latch.






  • 军方编号:ORX-005-TR-5
  • 内部环境:标准式驾驶舱
  • 全高:25.2米
  • 本体重量:50.8吨
  • 全备重量:115.1吨
  • 装甲材料及结构:高达尼姆合金(Gundarium Alloy)
  • 发电机出力:3040KW(+410KW)
  • 推进力:-
  • 加速度:-
  • 传感器探测有效半径:-
  • 180°姿势变换所需时间:-




  • 光束扩散炮
  • 光束加农炮×2
  • 光束军刀×2


  • 长刃光束步枪
    • 高出力光束步枪
    • 热能剑刃
  • 专用盾牌
  • 机械副臂


  • I力场光束偏转装置



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